NSF & GMP Certified

Liquid Health™ is cGMP-certified by NSF!

What is NSF?

NSF (now NSF International) stands for National Safety Foundation. NSF is a non-profit organization that develops rigorous standards to help companies operate within the bounds of the FDA’s 21 CFR 111 and beyond. Health and dietary supplements with the NSF mark have been found to be free from contaminants and are manufactured consistently and accurately. NSF certification is a perpetual process to which Liquid Health voluntarily submits. Our being NSF-certified means that you get the same high quality in every product that leaves our warehouse.

What does “cGMP-certified” mean?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. GMPs are a set of rules and guidelines set forth by the FDA in a mandate called 21 CFR 111. cGMP simply denotes “current” GMPs. The NSF mark is virtually always found alongside the cGMP mark; a manufacturer that meets the NSF’s high standards also meets the cGMP standards ipso facto. The cGMP mark indicates that the product meets the minimum standards set forth by the FDA.