Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to order online; how can I find a store that sells your products?

1. Visit the Store Locator on our website to find retail locations in your area.

2. If you have a favorite health food or vitamin store, but they don’t carry our products, ask them to carry the products you are interested in.

Do you offer will call if I wanted to pick up an order?

Unfortunately, we are the manufacturer and only sell to retail stores and distributors.

Where are your ingredients from and where are your products manufactured?

We get our ingredients from all over the world including (but not limited to) Mexico, Europe, China, South America and the United States. We have a rigid supplier qualification program that helps us to ensure that the ingredients that we receive from any supplier are of the utmost quality and purity.

I am allergic to sulfate. Which glucosamine product can I take?

Unfortunately, all our glucosamine products contain some type of sulfate or derivative.

How long is this product good for? I can’t find an expiration date; all I see is the date it was made.

All of our products have a 2 year shelf life from the made on date.

I don’t see how to order your products on the website.

Liquid Health has a store locator that will help you to find a store near you where you can purchase our products. A Google search will also produce a number of online retailers for our products.

I accidentally left the bottle on the counter over night. Should I throw it away?

We recommend refrigerating our products after opening. However, if no contamination has occurred- such as drinking directly from the bottle- it is not necessary.

Why are there two different amounts of calcium listed on the calcium label? How much calcium am I really getting?

Older labels did list the full calcium complex amount, as well as the elemental calcium amount. The most current Calcium & Magnesium label lists only elemental calcium. The amount of elemental calcium is the amount of calcium that can be absorbed by your body. Different forms of calcium (i.e. gluconate, chelate, malate, citrate, etc.) have a different percentage of elemental calcium. For example, calcium carbonate is 40% elemental, which means for every 1000 mg of calcium carbonate you take, you’ll be able to absorb 400 mg. The elemental amount is what you should consider when trying to reach your recommended daily intake of calcium.

I can’t figure out this bottle! How am I supposed to dispense the product?

Our older bottles featured a dual chamber dispensing mechanism. Current bottles have a single cap.

For the old bottle – you can use the bottle’s built-in measuring device. To do this you remove the cap from the side of the bottle with the tube running up the side. Squeeze the bottle and you should see the measuring chamber filling up with product. Stop squeezing when the measuring chamber is nearly full and the excess product will return to the main part of the bottle. The dose is now measured out at 1 oz.

The second option is the remove the cap on the bottle on the side opposite the measuring chamber. Pour the product out and measure using a measuring spoon. 1 oz. = 2 Tbsp. or 6 tsp.

Why can’t I order your products on your website?

We do not sell our products on our website because we want to maintain a good relationship with all of our wonderful retailers across the globe. We may offer our products on our website in the future; however, it would be for the full retail price of the product.

How can I start selling your products?

All retailers of Liquid Health products go through our retailer qualification process. Begin by submitting the Wholesale Information Request form. In order to purchase Liquid Health products at wholesale prices, you must provide a valid retail license from your state, a place of business or website, and the website has to have the ability to retail the product directly to the end customer.

What is the best way for me to give my dog this glucosamine product? In his water? In his food?

Some dogs take it with no problem, while others are more picky. Try putting part of the dosage on a piece of bread and giving it to him as a treat, then putting the remainder in his dinner. It can be mixed with his water or any other liquid substance you may give him. Be sure he eats/drinks the entire bowl to get the full amount. If he will not consume the food or water, try dosing with a plastic syringe.

Is it okay for me to take your products with the other medications I’m taking?

We cannot dispense any medical advice regarding ingredients used in relation to certain drug interactions. We suggest you speak with your doctor, who can better address your concerns.

I’ve been using your products for months and the bottle I just bought doesn’t seem right. What should I do with it?

Natural ingredients will often vary in taste, color, and consistency. Additionally, some ingredients will oxidize and become darker over time, similar to apple juice. However, if something beyond a natural variance seems apparent, return the bottle to the original retailer. Retailers will handle all issues and either refund or replace your product. Liquid Health will handle the issue with the retailer directly. In the unlikely event your retailer will not refund or replace your product, contact us at 800-995-6607 for further assistance.

My husband is diabetic, so I am thinking about getting your Glucose Balance supplement. I’d also like to get a multivitamin for the both of us. Would it be dangerous to take both of these products?

Always consult a diabetologist when considering supplementation. There are no issues with taking several Liquid Health supplements, some may prefer to stagger supplements throughout the day.

Why aren’t amounts listed for some nutrients in Liquid Health multi-vitamins?

Certain nutrients in the Daily, Children’s, Women’s, and Complete Multiples because they are derived from a nutrient dense, whole food source (sea vegetation) and vary slightly from batch to batch. It’s almost better to think of this product as a super-concentrated, liquid vegetable. These products contain a wide spectrum of enzymes, amino acids, and trace minerals from a vegetative source that most other multiple vitamins do not contain. The amounts of some of the vitamins and minerals may be lower than RDA specifications because we do not add them individually to reach those levels.

Yes, here is a list of our current resources we recommend.

I have a cat that suffers from arthritis in her hips & shoulder. What product do you recommend?

Joint PurrFection is our glucosamine formulated especially for cats.

I’m confused by the cautions/warning on the Liquid Health™ K9 Glucosamine label. One part says, “This product should not be given to animals intended for human consumption,” and the other says “For animal use only.” These statements contradict each other.

The cautions and warnings listed are mandated by the FDA for these types of products. Although the products include human grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, they are designed “For Animal Use Only.” The other phrase “This product should not be given to animals intended for human consumption” simply means that you should not give this product to animals like chickens, cows, pigs, etc, or any animal that is going to be part of the food supply.

I love the sound of the Liquid Complete Multiple but cannot find if it is suitable for a vegan.

Our Complete Multiple product is vegetarian, but it contains bee pollen, so it is not technically suitable for a vegan diet.

I live outside the United States; can I still get your products?

We have a few retailers who will ship internationally, like and A web search may bring up some more options.