Private Label Supplement Companies And Products

Private label supplement companies selling branded products

Branded and private label supplement companies are a broad category of companies supplying retail products. People buying products of branded supplement companies are driven by the psychological desire to apply shortcuts while selecting a particular product. Usually, people buying branded supplement products are insensitive to the price of the product. However, there are many product categories where selective searches for products manufactured by private label companies can give a lot of advantages in terms of saving money. This is where private label supplements come into play.

Growth of private label supplement products

Private label supplement products have seen a lot of growth in recent times due to improvement in technology. Earlier, setting up of expensive factories and equipment was possible only for large corporations. These large supplement corporations usually spend a significant portion of their profits in marketing and advertising expenses. As a result of this, most branded products are much more expensive that their private label counterparts. An intelligent consumer can quickly scan a catalog of products and decide when to buy a private label vitamin or supplement product and when to buy a branded product.

Private Label Supplement Companies

Psychology of buying branded vitamin and supplement products

The need for buying well-known supplement brands is mostly psychological. People see other people buying branded products and prefer the same. The frequent influxes of advertisements on various channels such as television, radio, the Internet, blog, etc trigger a person to opt for a branded product even though a cheaper and better product manufactured by private label companies is available. The supermarkets also have their part in promoting sales of branded products. The placement of branded products in the retail shop shelves is quite different compared to a private label brand. The private label brands are usually never kept near the Point of sale. This just indicates the constant effort by various channels to motivate people to buy branded supplement products.

Quality improvement in private label supplement products

Off late, the quality of private label supplement brands has seen a tremendous improvement. These improvements have led to a reasonable growth in the volume of goods sold by private label manufacturers. As a result of this, many people prefer private labels over the well-known brands. Private labels are also popular among the intelligent consumers who understand the dynamics and supply chain of retail stores. They understand that the pricing power of brands is simply due to the psychological advantage they have over their private label counterparts. The private label counterparts have been hugely successful in various consumer categories. However, there are still categories such as consumer appliances where the branded products reign over private label companies.

Private label success in Organic supplements and food supplies

Private label products in the organic supplement and food supply categories are quite popular among health conscious vitamin and supplement consumers. The private label products have been able to tap the organic market of food supplies. Most branded products are a result of an assembly line and don’t have the focus on the organic supplement category. The Organic category has also caught the interest of a lot of consumers who are aware of advantages of consuming organic food products. Organic food intake is known to bring in a lot of health benefits such as improved immunity, better stamina etc. This is one area where private label products can be more expensive that their branded counterparts.

private label supplement products

Learn how to start your own supplement company

For those of you interested in starting your own supplement company, you may find that it’s a lot easier that you first thought. Here at Liquid Health, Inc., we carry a full line of liquid supplements and vitamins for both people and pets. But did you know that you can private label these same formulas and easily create your own brand of supplements? It’s a great way to get into the market with a really low start up cost, as low as just 12 bottles at a time.