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About Liquid Health Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Health, Inc. develops the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Founded in 1991, Liquid Health Inc immediately filled a niche in the market with Daily Multiple. Although the product—a sea vegetation blend with aloe and honey—was not revolutionary, its appearance in the retail market (as opposed to a multi-level market) was a new idea. Because it has been marketed to independent stores nationwide, Daily Multiple has developed a loyal following. Building on this success, Liquid Health Inc has continued to introduce high-quality products by drawing on the knowledge of experts in the health food industry nationwide.


The Highest Quality Ingredients

With a commitment to providing superior nutrition, Liquid Health uses top-of-the-line ingredients in every supplement. These include whole food sea vegetation blends like Aquamin™ and the non-GMO, prebiotic NutraFlora®.

Substantial Nutrients & Better Absorption

Liquid Health™ products contain recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs the most. Each formulated supplement goes through testing and quality assurance in a cGMP facility. Liquid Health's commitment to better nutrition through high-integrity nutrients and liquid delivery means the body can get as much nutrition as possible.

30+ Products for People and Animals

The Liquid Health™ product line provides supplements for everyone: the young, the old, and even pets! Whether you are looking for a prenatal vitamin, a multivitamin for your child, or a glucosamine supplement for yourself or your dog, Liquid Health has what you need!